Modular series 900 – 100-150lt capacity

–    Square cooking pot with cylindrical tank, designed to be placed against a wall, singoly or in an array. PQF is the best model for modular installation under an exhaust hood. Its functionality and sturdiness  of this model make it a prime candidate for continuous and prolonged use.
–    Available in various models, direct gas heating, ideal for cooking liquid-based foods, or indirect (gas, electric or steam heating types) for cooking food which tends to stick to the bottom and  walls.
–    Available with autoclave lid to riduce cooking time and conserve energy. (eco-friendly).

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  • Square-shaped cooking pot with cylindrical tank, designed to be positioned against a wall, alone or in an array. Range of capacities from 25 to 50 litres. BPF is suitable for restaurants and small and medium cafeterias. For its use on ships and ferries, the appliance is provided with floor anchoring means. On request, the appliance can be supplied with a pasta strainer.
  • BPF versatile application, size and low consumption make it ideal for the preparation of food products in small cooking establishments.